Table For Two –

Welcome to my blog!

This is very exciting – all fresh and shiny and new to start something completely new with…

This idea actually came from my boyfriend, Peter while sat outside a restaurant in Glasgow this evening having a dinner after one of the hottest March days on record (in Scotland, that is). We’ve been together for nearly six months, met at university (in the same flat…) and regularly go out for meals (as regularly as money allows, that is – of course, being the gentleman he is, he always pays – great for me!). He suggested I start a blog (my other blog is only for university purposes, I’m a media student and it was a requirement for a module – but if you’re actually interested you can have a look here) on the restaurants we’ve been to, the food we eat and general foodness…

Half joking (I think) but I decided it was actually a really good idea…plus the fact once my coursework is out the way I’m not going to have much to do!

So here it is: a blog on general foodness and eating out (on a budget – ish)…I’m also going to include recipes I come across and general comments on relationships and my life…a bit of everything, but thanks to Pete for the idea and also the name ‘table for two’ – 🙂


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