Wasting Time – Pitta Bread Pockets

Now uni has pretty much finished for summer apart from a couple of pieces of coursework I’m struggling to find things to do with my day that don’t involve spending money…seeing as I have none. I’m staying in glasgow until my birthday and then heading home, which means I have just over a month to find things to do to keep me occupied…and there’s only so many times you can clean your room in a week! Just can’t wait to move into the new flat so i can spend my time cooking and freeze everything…it’s impossible in a shared kitchen which is covered in crumbs/mould/spilt drink most of the time…

But tonight I made a dinner of leftovers (for once) which actually turned out pretty nice – so thought I’d share (didn’t get a photo though, sorry!)

Spicy chicken and salad pitta bread pockets

Serves: 1

Costs: Really depends what you use  – chicken breast is always going to be more expensive than thighs or wings, but you can really use anything you want – i just used chicken because it was taking up room in the freezer! pitta breads and salad are really cheap though.

Suitable for freezing?: Nope, but you can of course freeze the chicken and pitta breads before you make the dish

Perfect for: Summer lunches/dinners

You will need: 

  • 1 chicken breast or whatever meat you’re using
  • 1 pitta bread, a large one so you can cut it open easily and fill it
  • salad leaves, tomatos, onions, whatever you want
  • some kind of sauce – i just used a cheap tomato and herb one which  was slightly spicy too, use whatever
  • anything else – shove whatever in there – within reason

Cut the chicken into small chunks (if you’re using an onion – i did – slice it now, too) – fry both off in a pan with a little oil.
Cut open the pitta bread like a pocket, so it’s still held together at one end, use a sharp knife so you can cut it accurately, you don’t want to cut through the bottom so all your stuff falls out!
Stuff your salad into the pocket, just add whatever, but don’t overload it, you need space for the chicken
Once the chicken is cooked and the onions are brown add some sauce, you don’t need too much as the pocket isn’t that big, but just enough to cover the chicken plus a little bit extra…
Now carefully (it’s messy) stuff the chicken etc into the pocket – use your fingers if you can stand the heat to get it right to the bottom, giving you more space at the top…
I use a george foreman grill because Pete brought it with him, but you can use a normal grill or not at all if you don’t fancy it…but grill it  so the pitta bread heats up…george foreman grills squish it all together, too so everything will be stuck inside…but remember to butter both sides of the pitta if you’re using the GF, otherwise it’ll stick and your pitta will be ruined! 
Serve. my pitta stuck, so i had to peel it all off and then use knife and fork – kinda defeated the purpose!
Enjoy 🙂

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