And Bang Goes The Healthy Eating – M&M Cookies!

Once again,  a post that doesn’t relate to dating or spending my boyfriend’s money, but they’re just so amazing that i have to post it:

So i’m in the process of baking a batch (or three) of m&m chewy oat cookies, inspired by ‘sally’s baking addiction‘ (which, if you love baking, you NEED to check out, hundreds of amazing recipes for every kind of cake, cookie etc you can think of – heaven!)

A little annoyed though as i got overcharged at the shop for the m&m’s and butter but it doesn’t matter – because they’re going to taste AMAZING. I can’t wait. The dough is in the fridge cooling down just now and i have to wait an hour…a whole hour… 😦

So here is the recipe (you can get it by clicking on the link but it’s an american recipe so uses cups etc, so i’m typing it up for you in gramms to make it easier :D)

Makes: Approximately 30

Costs: Not really sure – it could get pretty expensive with the m&m’s though especially if youv’e been overcharged at the shop *cough cough*. But fairly cheap – certainly the oats/flour/sugar/eggs won’t be much…and you’ll probably have them in your cupboard anyway

Suitable for freezing?: On ‘sally’s baking addiction’ it doesn’t say anything about freezing, however i know from when my mum’s made cookies most recipes allow for freezing the dough (not the cookies once they’re baked). To make this easier you can roll it into a sausage shape and wrap the dough in greaseproof paper and then freeze it. Then when you want to make some cookies, you can just cut off as much dough as you want, and bake it, rather than being forced into baking twenty or so cookies that you won’t eat (or shouldn’t eat).

Perfect for: Sharing/parties/eating alone/after being dumped/after dumping someone/because you can’t be bothered to do the coursework you should be doing instead

You will need:

113g butter

180g sugar (sally’s recipe calls for a mix of brown and white sugar, but seeing as i’m a student, i only have white, and they’re gonna taste just as good)

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla essence (didn’t use it as i don’t have any)

1/2 tsp baking soda (didn’t use it as i don’t have any)

340g rolled oats

227g plain flour

171g (or one of the sharing bags) of m&m’s

‘Sally’s baking addicition’ also has variations of the recipe with different sweets than m&m’s, cookies without the oats, and brownie type things…just experiment yourself 🙂

SO. Cream the butter and sugar together, then add the flour, oats, egg, baking soda and vanilla together…I had to use my hands for this bit and add a tiny drop of milk as the mixture wasn’t quite sticking together…then add the m&m’s, no need to measure, the required amount is only about 2 m&m’s short of the sharing bag, so just pour the whole lot in…make sure they’re evenly distributed throughout the mixture…

in the fridge for an hour 🙂

Pop in the fridge for an hour to cool down…then when you’re ready stick them in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 11 minutes – Sally says that they may look undercooked, but they’ll harden a little more once they’re cooling down…they should be chewy and warm to eat 🙂

Lovely…and here are a couple of photos of how my cookies turned out – thanks for the recipe, Sally, and well done on freshly pressed 🙂


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