3 Things and Random Facts.

Sunday 8th April

  1. Waking up after sleeping through the night (i.e not being woken by drunks)
  2. Going into a book shop for the first time in ages and buying two new books that i’ll read this week
  3. Eating mini eggs for breakfast (happy easter!)

Fifteen random facts about me 

  1. After getting my braces off I refused to wear my retainer and now my two front teeth are squint…like really squint
  2. I’m terrified of wasps – I was once home alone and a wasp flew into the room I was in…I ran out leaving everything turned on and all the windows open, sprayed a whole can of wasp spray through a crack in the door and then left the door closed until my parents got back two days later.
  3. I spent too much time on the computer…4od is one of my closest friends
  4. I met my boyfriend at uni…when he moved into the same flat…I also don’t remember the last time I slept in my own bed
  5. I sleep head to tail with my boyfriend as single beds are stupid for sleeping in together. I like the company, and his bed’s so much comfier!
  6. I enjoy food shopping far too much
  7. I get wound up really easily about really silly things that even I don’t understand…
  8. …like when Pete told me he bought a smoothie…I couldn’t understand why he didn’t buy me one too!
  9. I. Love. Smoothies. from the fuel juice bar – mango and passion fruit. amazing.
  10. I hate all other smoothies with a passion (haha)…like bottled ones or ones from cafes. yuck.
  11. I pluck my eyebrows far too often – i’m surprised i have any left!
  12. I’ve lived in seven different houses across three different countries in my life – joys of being a RAF child.
  13. I hated being a RAF child – all those Christmas parties with other little brats where santa would give out gender dependant presents
  14. I can’t eat bananas just by peeling them…i have to cut the top off then peel the skin so it isn’t all mushed on top…and i hate the stringy bits and I’m a picky orange eater – I have to peel off all the white bits before i’ll consider eating it
  15. I would love to end up writing for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan…it just seems such a fun, challenging environment that I would love to be involved in…fingers crossed!

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