3 Things

I don’t know much about it, but after reading my cousins blog I saw a thing called ‘3 things february’ where you basically write 3 things that made you smile for every day in February. It seemed such a nice little idea, and I’ve been feeling a little down recently, so I thought having to focus on doing things to make me smile to write in my blog might cheer me up a little bit! Thought I’d start it too, but as an ongoing weekly update for my blog, rather than just for february…so here is the first instalment, from Thursday 5th-Saturday 7th of April…

Thursday 5th

  1. Attending my last class of first year university
  2. Pete buying me the latest copy of cosmo as an apology for keeping me up the night before when he came home drunk
  3. Buying a new dress and jumper from H&M and getting a free £5 gift card

Friday 6th

  1. Had a long lie with pete and bacon and eggs for breakfast
  2. Pete bought me a ‘keep calm and relax’ cushion as an apology for being too drunk the night before (looks like a pattern’s emerging here.. :p)
  3. Pete popping his head round the door before his shower and telling me how amazing i am to him 🙂

Saturday 7th

  1. Finding three new jobs to apply for back home – including the library!
  2. Having a smoothie for the first time in ages
  3. Ordering the £5 special pizza from pizza hut with helen


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