Spring Cleaning and 3 Things

So, as you can see my blog’s taken on a new look! (this is me procrastinating from what I should really be doing…)

And I’ve decided to introduce a slightly different slant on my original plans for this blog…before not very long I was posting things that didn’t really have anything to do with ‘dating on a boyfriend’s budget’ (mainly because we’re both students, money’s tight and we only ‘date’ once a month)…

So I’ve decided to turn this into a personal blog/diary about my life and everything that happens in it, from books I’m reading to food I’m cooking and so on…

And as for the new theme – I just thought it was more fun 🙂

  1. Stalking my facebook back to April last year and reading all the comments and posts…very happy times
  2. My Graze box arrived with more chocolate than normal!
  3. Prospect of an early night with 4oD

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