Bored Bored Bored

Managed to be slightly productive today…more so than usual…to the point where I actually made notes on one of the pieces of work I had to do…then found a list of books to take out…now I’m on here. oops. Had a bad nights sleep so pretty tired today and getting sick of a certain few people so feeling a little stressseeeedddd…

Pete got back yesterday though (he’s been at home for a week) so it’s nice to have some company while other people are busy studying for exams etc…I was getting a bit lonely…

I made a really delicious salad last night for dinner which has been a favourite at home for a while…it’s from a recipe book by a teenager called ‘Sam Stern’ (Cooking up a Storm – it’s well worth buying, all the recipes are really easy and yummy, especially for students!)…I think it’s called ‘Salad Nicoise’ and although has a set list of ingredients I don’t usually follow it…he uses  tuna steaks (which I have in the freezer because they’re really cheap in Aldi, but I’ve used chicken breast before too!) and then some crispy lettuce (iceburg), a hard-boiled egg, some boiled new potatoes, little bits of bacon, green beans, croutons, tomatoes etc etc…pretty much anything you want. I just use the fish/meat, salad, potatoes and egg because I can’t be bothered/can’t afford anything else. I think it’s supposed to be all cold as well, but it doesn’t really matter – all I know is it’s probably the healthiest thing I know how to make and is really filling and yummy. Forgot to take a photo though – sorry!

Friday 13th April

  1. Pete came home!
  2. Watched Russell Howard’s Good News
  3. Felt quite productive after going into uni to get some work done

Saturday 14th April

  1. Had a great response to a post I put on a forum on the Cosmopolitan website
  2. Strawberries for breakfast with ‘Californication’
  3. Was quite productive and got lots of books from the library (or I will…later)

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