Most Productive Day Ever!

I’ve done so much today – and I feel amazing!

  • Put stuff on ebay – free insert fees and I could do with the extra cash…
  • Did my washing, and tumble drying
  • Started packing stuff away for going home
  • Sorted out my kitchen stuff
  • Got books from the library
  • Went to town
  • Made fifteens (to follow)
  • Work for portfolio


Fifteens –

So this is a recipe Pete told me about which his mum makes…felt bad making it because I thought it was a recipe she made up – turns out it’s really popular and even Nigella has a recipe on her website…and it’s SO easy to make.

Costs: Maybe a bit expensive for a student but not too bad…the cherries aren’t too cheap…

Perfect for: Eating all yourself! 😉

You will need: 

A packet of digestives (roughly 30, but doesn’t need to be exact)

Marshmallows – 15 (hence the name) chopped in half

Glace Cherries – 15, chopped in half

Condensed milk – half a 400g tin

Coconut shaving powder stuff…what’s the name…?

Basically just crush the biscuits and add the marshmallows and cherries to the mixture:

Pour half the tin of the condensed milk into the mixture (you might need a little more if it’s too dry) and mix with your hands into a dough…

Line a baking tray with tin-foil and roll the mixture into a sausage shape on the foil – if it’s too dry it’s just fall apart, so put it back in the bowl if this is the case and add a little more condensed milk.

Pour a fair amount of the coconut along the long side of the sausage and roll the whole thing around in it so all the surfaces are covered…it’s messy, but it doesn’t need to be neat…mine isn’t as covered as it could be…i just had to slather it in condensed milk to try and get the coconut to stick…but it didn’t really work 😛 but you get the idea.

(I forgot to do this step so had to take it out the fridge and spread some spare condensed milk over the sausage so the coconut would stick, so for convenience, don’t forget!)

Then you need to stick it in the fridge for a few hours to harden up and become less sticky. Then you can slice it into bits and eat it 🙂


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