Tuna Pasta Bake and 3 Things

Sunday 15th April

  1. Had the most productive day in about six months
  2. Made fifteens
  3. Got loads of work done

Monday 16th April

  1. Pete made dinner – tuna pasta bake (to follow)
  2. Was in a good mood all day
  3. Watched ‘click’ (despite it being sad at the end)

Tuesday 17th April

  1. Handed in my second last piece of coursework for first year!
  2. Got free sweets at uni
  3. Turned Pete’s bed upside down and created the ‘leaning tower of kelso’ on top of it…

Tuna Pasta Bake

I suggested to Pete that we had one night a week where we cooked dinner for each other…so he agreed to cook tuna pasta bake on Monday night and I’m doing Carbonara on Friday.

The few times I’ve made tuna pasta bake I don’t even know if I used sauce…I think I might have just mixed the pasta and tuna and cheese together…but Pete had a jar of pasta bake sauce so we decided to use that…I can’t remember the exact quantities either but I don’t suppose it matters!

Costs: Sometimes tuna is a bit expensive but it’s essentially a really cheap dish 🙂

Perfect for: Cooking for someone else

You will need: 

A tin/two tins (depending how tuna-ry you want it) of tuna

Dried pasta (I always measure one portion per mug of pasta)

Some kind of pasta sauce, it can be anything you want…just jarred stuff…

Cheese to put over the top before baking

For this dish (so long as you are using sauce and not just cooking it dry) you don’t need to cook the pasta first because the sauce will make it moist as it cooks…

You pretty much just need to mix everything together in an oven proof dish…dried pasta, tuna and the sauce (the jar of sauce we used said to mix the sauce in and then fill the empty jar with water and pour that in too and mix it…so you probably DO need to do that with any jar of sauce you use otherwise I don’t think the pasta will cook properly as there won’t be enough moisture for it…

Once it’s all mixed you need to put it in the oven for about 25 minutes on about 200 degrees Celsius…check it at this time and add some cheese over the top so it goes nice and crispy…then give it another twenty minutes in the oven…let it sit for five minutes before eating and then serve 🙂


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