Sloans Market Glasgow

So yesterday Pete and I (now pretty much alone in the flat after everyone moved out) decided to go to the Sloans Market in Glasgow…I assumed it was going to be pretty big, but it turned out to just be about ten-fifteen stalls in an alleyway between Buchanan Street and Argyle Street. It doesn’t sound much, but it’s actually really cute – it’s based around Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant (1797) which seems really out of place in the middle of the main shopping streets of Glasgow…it’s a really traditional building (reminds me of old villages in England – really quaint and full of history)…

image courtesy of google images

Every Tuesday they hold ‘Mac and a Movie’ where you can watch a classic movie (I saw Citizen Kane and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off advertised) and eat macaroni cheese for just £9.95 for two people…seems like a pretty good deal to me and it’s certainly much different to going to cineworld and paying that for one ticket alone…

I was hoping  to pick up some unusual little gifts but to be honest, there wasn’t much other than a few ‘novelty jewellery’ stands and a couple of soap/cake/sweet stands…there was however a little crepe stall (‘Wee Brittany’) run by a French guy who offered crepes from £1.50 (just sugar) to £3 for the ‘crepe of the day’, which was strawberries and whipped cream. Pete and I had a sugar one each and they were amazing!! He sold little jars of home made caramel too and Pete bought one…yum!

I was expecting something a little bigger that would perhaps keep us  busy for a little longer than ten minutes, but after living here for seven months, I thought we had better  check it out! If you’re in the area, I’d recommend it – you could even get a drink in the Sloans bar and sit outside (if the weather is nice enough!)


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