Who knew doughballs and nutella could be such an amazing dish!?

I didn’t!

Pete and I went to Pizza Express tonight with a 25% discount voucher (if you’re in the UK head to their website and print off the voucher!) and it was aaaamazing…yumyumyum…

I’m currently in a bit of a food-induced coma so I’m not going to list what we had…BUT DOUGHBALLS AND NUTELLA!

Possibly the best thing to ever be invented ever…I think I must have been the last person to try it, but if you haven’t already, you have to…just go…don’t eat anything else, just order doughballs and nutella (note – the sharing platter was removed from their menu last week apparently as it wasn’t as popular…they still have ‘mini platters’ with coffee  too, but if you just ask for a sharing platter they’ll make it…they seem pretty good about just making something even if it isn’t on the menu!)

Obviously every restaurant is different, but we went to the one on Queen Street in Glasgow…Not sure what the building used to be but it seemed like an old tenement building with an interesting roof over the cooking area (reminded me of a church)…was a really nice size, a nice mix of traditional and modern styles and had a generally nice atmosphere to it…as much as I loved ASK Italian, I think the restaurant (Killermont Street, Glasgow) is a bit TOO modern…a bit too much like an IKEA showroom…the roof is too high and it’s too white…it sounds silly, but it’s not a ‘comfy’ atmosphere…Pizza Express is!

And when it comes down to it really, ASK doesn’t serve doughballs and nutella…


….but it isn’t working, so you’re just going to have to go and try them yourself 🙂


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