I made doughballs and they turned out like mini bread rolls (I guess the oven had been on too long) but they still tasted amazing when they were dipped in nutella…I’ll get some photos up next time I put some in the oven!

Had a pretty rubbish couple of days…It’s my birthday next week but all my friends from back home and some of my friends from uni have had to cancel…I’ll still have a few people but it’s just a little annoying…Then after applying for about fifty million jobs and hearing nothing but a couple of “no we don’t need you”/rejections I find out that two of my friends have about ten interviews between them…one of which is for a job I applied for…so disheartening…especially when I’ve been trying for about three months and then they get all this within a week 😦

As much as I’ll be bored at home, and I don’t want to leave Pete, I’m almost glad to get home…having nothing to do all day isn’t helping matters.


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