Doughballs and Fajitas

A few days ago I said I was going to make doughballs…and I did! I found the recipe from here and the photo looks exactly like the doughballs we had in Pizza Express! I won’t bother rewriting the recipe, you can see it all on there! The first time I made them the oven had been on cooking my dinner for ages, so ten minutes turned the little balls into mini bread rolls! Hard on the outside and bready on the inside…they still tasted great but certainly weren’t ‘doughballs’ so keep checking them so they don’t get too hard.

I cooked a second batch last night for desert after Pete and I had dinner with two friends. We made fajitas! We just got one of the fajita meal packets and added chicken, peppers and onions…yum yum!

So tasty. Then we went out to the cinema to see the new avengers film…great day!


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