This Week

..has been hectic! My birthday was on Wednesday and I’ve been packing everything in my room as I’m leaving Glasgow to go home tomorrow for three months summer…I’ve so far had no luck finding a summer job and am pretty disheartened with all the rejections I’ve had, and I’m not looking forward to leaving Pete and not seeing him properly until September…but I woke up with a sore throat this morning so I guess it’s time to go home whether I like it or not!!

Pete got me this awesome clock for my birthday – it even speaks!

…some fairy lights and a years subscription to Cosmopolitan – what a great boyfriend! He even got me a caterpillar cake for the evening (and sparkler candles that my mum sent specially!)

We’ve spent a lot of money this week going to the  cinema (the new American Pie and Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’) as well as eating out a few nights and taking a trip to IKEA yesterday…

Either my blogging activity is going to go crazy over the next three months while I desperately try and find things to do to entertain myself, or I’ll drop off the face of the blogging-world because I won’t have anything interesting to talk about…three months of no plans, no money and no boyfriend is going to be boooorrrrinngggg…


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