I’ve become one of the employed again!!

Happy days, today I became employed after a two month long job hunt with a result of about 560382745 rejections and 0 interviews. The job I got I applied for two nights ago, was phoned the next morning, and was interviewed and offered the job today. Kind of feel I shouldn’t have even bothered with the stress of the last few months! NEVER MIND. I’m employed now. In the Next stockroom, with a friend who I also worked with last year :).

I got home from uni last Sunday and I’m here until the end of August…wasn’t really looking forward to it as I have zero money and, until today, no job. Now it won’t be sooo bad…at least I’ll be working a couple of days a week. Can’t complain! Rockness is in about three weeks, then I have my brothers graduation and then I’ll be seeing Pete for the first time in about six weeks! 😀 Just another six after that until I go to his, and then back to uni not long after that…so I’ll get through, I’m sure…

Decided to take some photos today of my house 🙂 I was outside filling up the new boiler hut thing with wood (my parents have gone all crazy eco-friendly with solar panels and such…this is the new heating system, but there’s never enough hot water for a shower in the morning…never thought I’d say this, but I miss the showers at uni)…

So this is where I live 🙂

back of the house with the deck we built a few summers ago

view out of the back gate onto the footpath/track

Buster again 🙂





It’s actually quite nice being home, even though I didn’t think I’d be saying it 🙂 I miss Pete, but the time will go fast…It’s already only 4 weeks until I see him! Not sure what my posting/blogging activity is going to be like over the summer…don’t really have anything of that much importance to say, and I rarely do the cooking when I’m home 😛 We’ll see 🙂


EDIT – some of the captions are refusing to work for the photos…no idea why, but you get the idea!


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