Mango and Passion Fruit Smoothie

I’ve never been much of a smoothie drinker. The school canteen always used to sell the little cartons of Innocent smoothie but I always found them too sharp or they had a weird creamy sickly texture that just made me feel like being sick. Yuck.

BUT. This all changed when I was shopping with a friend from uni and she said ‘I’m just going to pop in here for a smoothie…’ to a juice/smoothie bar in the shopping centre (Fuel Juice Bars – check them out here – also, i’m not sure if they’re in the US, I’m only aware of them in the UK!)…While we were in there a smoothie on the menu caught my eye and I decided to try it – it was called ‘Passion Dash’ (mango, passion fruit, tropical juice, fat free vanilla frozen yoghurt and fat free mango frozen yoghurt) OH. and they’re all 99% (or something) fat free. Lovely.

And it was amazing. And I must have spent about £150 on smoothies since I made the discovery. But they’re healthy, and fat free, therefore it’s a completely okay thing to waste my money on…that’s what I keep telling myself anyway! Infact I’m pretty sure they stopped giving me the “buy nine get your tenth free” loyalty card on purpose, and I started to feel really self conscious when they knew my order off by heart before I had to even say anything…Maybe I should buy shares.

So after having my last smoothie a week ago and waving bye bye to Glasgow for 12 weeks, I decided – surely it couldn’t be THAT hard to make a similar smoothie at home…? I’d already tried sainsburys version, but just like all other shop bought smoothies, it was disgusting.

I sent mum off with a shopping list yesterday and she came back with everything, minus the mango frozen yoghurt and with a tub of natural yoghurt that we shoved in the freezer instead of vanilla flavoured frozen yoghurt – I don’t think I’ve found any shops that sell frozen yoghurt, definitely not vanilla flavoured.

And baring in mind I have no idea what the quantities are supposed to be, this turned out pretty well!

You will need:

1 passion fruit – cut it in half an spoon out the flesh and seeds into a blender.

1 mango – cut it in half (you’ll need to twist it to get it to come apart from the weird fleshy-seedy thing) and spoon it out into the blender too.

frozen yoghurt, I put in about a small yoghurt pots worth (that’s a crap measurement, I’m sorry!)…maybe about the size of a mango!? haha. didn’t bother trying to substitute the mango frozen yoghurt.

apple juice, they use tropical in the shop but we didn’t have any. orange/pineapple would probably be too sharp!

ice – I didn’t use any as I thought it might break my blender

shove it all in the blender and blend itttttt.

I have to say, it did have that weird creamy texture that I’m not a fan off…the ones that I buy from the juice bar are almost kind of ice-creamy (I guess that’s because the frozen yoghurt isn’t just a tub of yoghurt from the freezer, and they put ice in too, which gets all crushed up) and it didn’t taste QUITE like the ones I buy, but I put that down to the quantities being different…I think they might even use frozen cubes of mango…

You do need to blend it quite a bit though otherwise the passion fruit seeds are a bit TOO crunchy…but it’s yummy and healthy and really quick to make. And with all the excitement, I forgot to take a photo! Sorry!!


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