We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…You can come too, too, too…

It wasn’t long before I was missing Pete too much to last six weeks, so I booked to go down to Glasgow for a few days between my new job to see him, and we decided to take a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo! 🙂 I was all excited to take loads of photos to put on here, but after packing my bag with about a zillion batteries, I found out that they were all run-out of battery juice…or whatever. So we had to resort to our phone cameras the whole day! Which meant that not many photos were taken, certainly none that were very interesting – especially as none of the animals actually wanted to stay still (that’s right, meerkats! i’m talking to you!!!)

It was a little expensive, I have to admit (£13 each for students, but then if you unclick the ‘donate’ box you get a couple of quid knocked off – an essential for students, unfortunately!)…We got the bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh which cost just £13 for both of us to return – shame I decided to book it two hours after the zoo closing time…silly me…ended up with us sitting in a pub drinking for an hour or so, and then falling asleep on the way home!

So here are a couple of photos of just a handful of the animals we saw! 🙂

hippos! mummy and baby hippo.



…For some reason only the first caption has saved! Silly thing. The last photo with the monkey is a really bad photo taken through the glass – but we sat and watched it eating grapes for ages, then it put it’s little hands up against the glass – it was so cute!

Then Pete bought me my own little furry (and overpriced) panda to take home! 🙂 It was a lovely, if not expensive and tiring day out and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets the chance! (But wear appropriate shoes…it’s ALL uphill!)


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