Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I’m doing neither of the three, other than sitting really…I just happen to be listening to Jack Johnson and couldn’t think of an appropriate title for a blog post that isn’t really about much at all…

This week has been slo-o-o-o-w…I’m in my third or fourth week of my new job and although it’s repetitive, it’s short shifts twice a week so I can’t really complain, and the people are lovely. Tomorrow I start a new job – a kind of temporary, extra-pair-of-hands-when-required person to work behind the bar, collect glasses and such at weddings at a big fancy local house. Tomorrow I’m only working a half shift, about 6-8 hours, where normally I’d be working most of the day and right into the night until about 2am…For the sake of a few days throughout the Summer I can hardly complain…and the pay is pretty good!

Sunday Pete is going to Portugal on a family holiday for a week so I will be communication-less for a week…not quite sure how that’s going to go! Then the following week I’m going to my brothers graduation in Edinburgh, and then Pete will be coming to stay for a few days before his big trip to Europe for a month! Exciting for him, not so much for me…

Today I should have been heading off to Rockness (music festival in the North of Scotland, just outside Inverness on the banks of Loch Ness – very beautiful!). I went last week and thoroughly enjoyed my weekend…right up to the point that it started raining…then I just wanted to go home. So thankfully, I sold my ticket a few weeks back due to lack of funds – and I’m very glad…I’m currently sat on my bed listening to the rain belt against my window…I would hate to be in a tent right now. Although I am a little more than sad to be missing my all time favourite band Mumford and Sons, and some others such as Noah and the Whale, Kassidy and Ed Sheeran… At least I have money now, though!

So nothing much has been happening apart from I’m waiting for Pete to come on Skype so thought I better update my blog with something…So here is something 🙂

Hurry up Pete!!!


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