What I discovered today.

If there’s one thing my dog won’t eat, it’s grapes. Why? I don’t know. He has absolutely no problem in eating everything else (my dad’s anti-snore gumshield (twice), socks and whole slabs of butter) but when it comes to grapes, he turns away sulkily as if to say: “Shan’t!”

I found this out today while eating my way through a bag of red grapes (I always get in trouble for eating them all and not sharing with everyone else – seeing as there’s always loads left over, I decided to avoid the lecture on wasting food and eat them all anyway). There were two slightly wrinkly, un-edible (IMO) grapes and instead of throwing them away I decided to feed them to the currently sleeping hoover (the dog).  Normally, he would smell food a mile off and would be coming to find you before you even had the chance to find him. Not this time! Found him hiding in the corner behind the sofa looking like a grumpy teenager (me in the morning) and didn’t even bat an eyelid when I put the grapes down beside him…I pushed them closer to him, waved them under his nose (poor old thing has pretty bad eyesight now, so I though that had something to do with it), tried to push them into his mouth – I even walked out the room as if to say “go on, I’m not here now, you can get away with eating them and I might not notice!” which usually does the trick.

Nope. I came back with my camera to find him pushing them around with his nose and nibbling them, just like he does to dead wasps (which is why I love him!) but he wasn’t eating them. Ended up having to pick up the half-eaten, slobbery grapes and put them in the bin. What a waste!

Here are some photos of my stubborn dog and said grapes:

I’m sure you’ve guessed that I’m more than struggling for blog ideas! Living at home just isn’t fun anymore. Not that it ever was. I promise to try and do something more interesting to tell you about next time!


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