Fifty Shades of Grey

…I bought this book and it arrived today. In all honesty I actually didn’t realise it was ‘mummy porn’ until people at work were discussing it –  I just assumed it was a dark love story, just the typical kind of troubled-romance novel so it was just a little bit embarrassing when I openly said “Oh yeah! I recently bought that book, I’ve heard loads about it!” in front of about ten other women who I’ve only met in the last three weeks. (This was also followed up with a conversation about learning to read the book with one hand).

Perhaps even more embarrassing when my mum asked what was in my parcel and for the life of me I couldn’t think of the name of a novel that I could give her as an answer…

“‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘? Isn’t that the saucy novel??”

“Uhh – yes, Mum.”


I’ve heard mixed reviews about it – some say it’s ‘mummy porn’, others love it and truly believe it’s an example of literary genius. A few compare it to Twilight and others complain about the repetitiveness of phrases such as “her sex” and “she bit her lip” and “she whispered “Oh my!””. 

I can’t say I’m expecting much, despite the fuss being made about it I doubt it’ll win the next Nobel Prize of Literature.


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