a lot of reasons why today has been a rubbish day and all i want to do is scream


I’ve been taxed – twice. Pete’s gone to Europe for a month and even though he’s skyping me when he gets to the hotel later tonight and I’ll probably hear from him quite a bit I still feel rubbish about it because I’ve had a rubbish day and trust my luck for him to go away on a day I really want to talk to him 😦


Someone bought something from me on eBay and hasn’t paid for it and I want rid of it because it’s the four Twilight books and I hate twilight now I have become a semi-mature young adult.

I can’t write tonight – everything is stupid and meh and AHHH.

I’m so low on money and I’ve been taxed about £100 and I  neeeeeeeed that money and my parents are away so I can’t get help from them to get it back.

Ahhhhhhh. I just want to scream.

My dog is being a nuisance and keeps looking at me like “f***k you” every time I tell him to do something.

It’s raining. And it’s really really cold.

I planned to go for a nice hot bath with my new sugar scrub – but the water isn’t hot enough…so it turned into a luke-warm bath with bits of gritty body scrub in the bottom and I had to shower myself off afterwards which totally defeated the purpose.

Everyone is being annoying today.

I made prawn salad for dinner and it was disgusting.

The only good thing about today was the roast chicken and herb mayonnaise sandwich I had from Starbucks for lunch.



I really hope tomorrow is better 😦


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