mr bean makes olympic appearance

Possibly the best moment of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony…when Rowan Atkinson makes an appearance playing along to “Chariot’s Of Fire”


Fantastic ceremony so far – well done Britain! I’m proud to be part of it.


New Books

I got paid today and although I’m trying to save the majority of it and not do my usual spending-on-useless-stuff-I-don’t-need habit, I decided to buy a couple of new books for the next month or so…

Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby 












The Understudy by David Nicholls 

I’ve read both of his other books One Day and Starter for Ten which I loved. They’re just such easy reads but there’s so much crammed into them that you can go back and read them again and again and again.












My Dear, I Wanted To Tell You by Louisa Young

I know nothing about this author or the book, but Amazon recommended it to me and the description looks like it might be a great read. Fictional love letters between a couple separated by war and the reviews are all positive so hopefully it’ll be enjoyable 🙂












More Than You Can Say by Paul Torday 

Again, I know nothing about this book or author (although I think he wrote Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which I went to see in the cinema before moving back home and it was a fantastic film – I nearly bought the book too but decided to save it till next time!). The blurb looks good and it looks like it might be a nice easy read.












So I have a good month or so of reading material and if I remember I’ll post some reviews up after I’ve read the books 🙂 That’s the rest of my Summer sorted!!

best day in a long time!

Today I actually had plans besides work and feeding the dog. It was really sunny and warm yesterday (Apparently the hottest day of the year in the UK – everywhere apart from where  I live!) but today it looked a bit grey today so I was a bit disappointed – I was hoping for a spot of sunbathing! But I was pleasantly surprised when I walked down to my friends house and we sat outside for a couple of hours before heading into town for dinner.

We went to a little Italian place that used to be the “traditional” place to go for dinner when we were all still at high school. The last time we went was a week before we all moved to different places for uni last year! It was lovely. Although the pudding was a little disappointing…Then we headed to a bar to waste a bit of time before our other friend had to get the bus home. Unfortunately my friend was driving so we had Mocktails instead called “Sherbert Dip” which was raspberry and lemonade but tasted like someone really had poured a packet of sherbet in…amazing! We ended up so hyper afterwards. Couldn’t stop laughing – doesn’t help that I have a strangely sore chest at the minute so I was in pain for about half an hour, while trying to laugh, control myself because I REALLY needed to pee and my food-baby was really uncomfortable!

Got home and had a lovely long phone call with Pete. Feels like the first time we’ve talked properly in ages! He’s back from Europe in exactly a week – I can’t wait! Then just another week after that until I go and visit him 😀 Then not long after that until I head back to uni. So this Summer is nearly over! Truth be told I can’t wait. It’s been a boring three months in all and I can’t wait to get back into a routine with lectures etc to keep me busy!

how i spent my summer

Even though Summer isn’t yet over (although only about four weeks to go until I move back to the new flat! :D), I decided to share what I’ve been doing with my days since mid-June…


Knitting lots and lots of squares…in the hope of making a blanket…or a square shaped piece of knitting that could be passed off for a blanket, anyway.

They’re a wee bit wonky and imperfect, but I’d say pretty good for teaching myself knitting from Youtube videos!

I love the green wool – it’s more turquoisy green in real-life and reminds me of the sea…Not sure what colours I’ll go for next though…I might try mixing it up a little bit with some completely opposite colours like yellow and orange though…it’ll be a funky looking blanket, anyway!

lady knits her own wedding dress

When I read the title of the article I was expecting some kind of hideous, fluffy thing that resembled one of those weird toilet-roll cover doll things.

But this woman’s dress is actually beautiful, and although I probably wouldn’t put myself through the aggravation and stress of doing it myself (or risking being soaked through on my wedding day) it is actually stunning and makes me wonder whether spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a dress you’re literally going to wear for about 12 hours is actually worth it.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail.

today, i caught a cold

In the middle of “summer”, although it doesn’t surprise me seeing as we’ve had rain non-stop for the last two weeks and we’ve had the fire lit most evenings out of that two weeks…I’m stuffed up, watery eyed and dribbly nosed and feel exhausted…thank goodness I have two days off work!

Today I bought some new wool so I can continue knitting lots and lots of squares which I hope to (one day) make into a blanket…it might have to be a mini blanket, but it’ll be a blanket nonetheless. I had a nice chat with the wool lady and ended up buying a turquoisy colour and a reddy-pink.

I’ve also sorted Pete’s birthday presents and his card arrived today from moonpig…I’m very proud of his card as I designed it completely myself and only used moonpig so it would be printed on nice paper, rather than printer paper if I’d done it at home. I’d probably be safe enough posting a photo of it as I don’t think he’s looked at this blog ever (despite it being his idea) – but just in case of some miracle, I’ll refrain until after his birthday. (Hi Pete! 😉 )

I also booked the hotel for the wedding we’re going to together in September…it looks really fancy and is in the same place as the reception which is really handy…I’d post a picture of that too, but WordPress is being grumpy today.

In three weeks I’ll be packing and getting ready to go and visit Pete for a week…I can’t wait! Just seven more shifts of work to go…!

My life has become a little too dull to blog about sadly 😦 But I’ll do my best to continue posting…only six weeks until I’m back to uni, and the new flat! Plenty of blogging opportunities.