it’s monday and things are looking up!

…Never thought I’d say that on a Monday! It must have been those cookie dough cakes.

My brother is coming home tonight for a week so I won’t be a loner! I found out my hours for next week at work and although I have a 7 hour shift till 11pm and then I start another shift six hours later at 5am, I’ll get a months pay in a week, and my boss can take me home and pick me up again in the morning 🙂

I’ve started knitting (Pete probably won’t ever let me live this down) and it’s surprisingly fun, relaxing, and makes the time FLY by. I am currently in the process of knitting a square.

I just found out that I won a goodie bag from Cosmopolitan after answering a question correctly 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever won anything in my life so I got pretty excited! Can’t wait for it arrive.

Oh and I had the most amaaaazzing dinner last night. It was a ready meal which I don’t normally have, but it was one of the fancy supermarket ones – chicken and basil pasta in a creamy sauce…so so soooo good, and I had it with four doughballs, followed by a chocolate fudge brownie cake! I should have bought another one today to eat tonight, but I forgot 😦

So things are looking up!


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