oops, i forgot to put a title

Today my parents got back from a two-and-a-half week holiday. They were supposed to be away for three weeks, driving through France, Italy and Switzerland in the trusty yellow LandRover that dad souped up into a camper-van type thing with a wee cooking area/sleeping area in the back:

However, on Monday I got a phonecall telling me that Daphne (aptly named due to the car resembling something like the Mystery Machine) had ‘blown up’ and they were sitting in a rescue vehicle on their way to a hotel (which turned out to be a series of different five star hotels with free wine etc etc etc – can’t say I’d be complaining tbh). They arrived home today after cancelling their ferry tickets and flying back instead and have left the car in France to be returned to us (hopefully fixed) at a later date.

So although I always enjoy having the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, it is quite nice to have some company again…

…That and I no longer have to worry about the house being broken into and being kidnapped in my sleep anymore.

Other than that, nothing much of any interest has happened – hence the lack of blogging. Pete is two weeks into his trip, so just three weeks (ish) until I go and visit him! He’s travelled from Budapest, to Croatia and Slovenia, Venice and Switzerland, Munich today and heading on to Krakow, Prague and Amsterdam. I set up a blog for him which he updated about three times before giving up so I won’t bother posting the link here…he’s not really the blogging type 😉


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