today, i caught a cold

In the middle of “summer”, although it doesn’t surprise me seeing as we’ve had rain non-stop for the last two weeks and we’ve had the fire lit most evenings out of that two weeks…I’m stuffed up, watery eyed and dribbly nosed and feel exhausted…thank goodness I have two days off work!

Today I bought some new wool so I can continue knitting lots and lots of squares which I hope to (one day) make into a blanket…it might have to be a mini blanket, but it’ll be a blanket nonetheless. I had a nice chat with the wool lady and ended up buying a turquoisy colour and a reddy-pink.

I’ve also sorted Pete’s birthday presents and his card arrived today from moonpig…I’m very proud of his card as I designed it completely myself and only used moonpig so it would be printed on nice paper, rather than printer paper if I’d done it at home. I’d probably be safe enough posting a photo of it as I don’t think he’s looked at this blog ever (despite it being his idea) – but just in case of some miracle, I’ll refrain until after his birthday. (Hi Pete! 😉 )

I also booked the hotel for the wedding we’re going to together in September…it looks really fancy and is in the same place as the reception which is really handy…I’d post a picture of that too, but WordPress is being grumpy today.

In three weeks I’ll be packing and getting ready to go and visit Pete for a week…I can’t wait! Just seven more shifts of work to go…!

My life has become a little too dull to blog about sadly 😦 But I’ll do my best to continue posting…only six weeks until I’m back to uni, and the new flat! Plenty of blogging opportunities.


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