apologies for the lack of blogging activity

I’m currently in a flat with no internet access, and might not have any for another few weeks, so we’re switching between free wi-fi/anyone who leaves their wifi unsecured/phone internet/funny phone wifi hotspot thing, none of which work very well.

I’m back in wonderful Glasgow now and have started back at uni – although I’m not sure if you can call two days a week “being back at uni”. It’s pretty depressing. Especially as now I have no excuse not to get a job. But that’s probably a good thing…seeing as I’ve spent a stupid amount since being back…woops!

My flat is lovely (albeit a little tired) and I might share some photos once the internet is up and running. I went to a wedding last week with Pete and had a fantastic weekend away with great weather and great people…might share some of those photos too!

As for my music blog – I might start that up again too, so if you’re interested check back in a month or so to see what’s happening. I also bagged tickets to see Two Door Cinema Club in February and I am E-X-C-I-T-E-D. Haven’t yet heard their new album though (due to the lack of internet…boo!)

My phone internet is about to run out. Check back in a week or so to share in my excitement if the BT man finally arrives to fix our phone line…keep your fingers crossed for me please!


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