i miss blogging (and a thousand reasons why not to go with talktalk)

Feel so bad that I’ve pretty much stopped blogging since the end of uni in May…this has probably got a lot to do with the fact that we STILL don’t have internet…we joined Talktalk back in June and arranged to have an engineer drop by to set stuff up at the beginning of September…they never actually showed up and we found out there’s a ‘fault with our line’ (it’s been unplugged from the box outside our flat after the last tennants cancelled their contract and we need someone to ‘plug us back in’, taking no more than 4 seconds of someone’s time…apparently that’s too much to ask). Nearly two months on and still no luck.

I could probably come up with 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t go with them, but I’ll just share some of the highlights of our experience:

Their customer service is appalling.

They don’t tell you what’s going on and transfer you from department to department only to be told “It’s not us, we can’t do anything”.

They talk at about three words per minute in an attempt to make you pay more for the call (which would be free from a landline…too bad they haven’t provided one yet…)

…And they succeed.

They say our speed of internet will be between 2 and 7 mbps…I’m not a computer genius, but this doesn’t sound like a lot.

They will NEVER call you back, or email, or send an engineer at the right time (if they send one at all).

They ALWAYS, without a doubt tell you you’re phoning the wrong department…they then give you the ‘right’ number to phone, which ends up being a non-existent number, or a number for someone who says “sorry, this is the wrong department, try this number…”

They never stick to their word…BT engineer to fix our line on the 20th of September? Oh, sorry? The 5th of November now? Great, brilliant, thanks.


So we switched to Virgin. Even with them we have to wait for BT to pull their finger out and plug us back in (despite Openreach vans being outside our flat ALL THE BLOODY TIME).

On the bright side – Pete and I had our first date night since moving back to Glasgow! 😀 We did the same as our first date – mini golf and Frankie and Bennies and Xscape. AND I WON.

I would post a photo of the score card to prove it, but it’s in my flat, and I’m actually at home for a few days now 😀

It’s so good to be back. I’m stressed out my nut back in Glasgow, even though I’m only in uni two days a week…I just don’t seem to have been taught anything in the last five weeks – and they expect me to sit exams on this shit!

However I have been spending my time wisely (shopping, eating, sleeping, procrastinating etc) and it paid off (haha) when I found this ADORABLE dress in the Oasis sale when I went shopping with my cousin. I’ve never ever been into Oasis and most of the stuff looked a bit funky – but this dress (reduced from £55 to £15 – woohoo!) is just amazing…it’s figure hugging, and the wee frilly bits (that looked a bit questionable on the hanger) do something amazing and just look fabulous. I’ve decided I’m going to wear it to wherever Pete and I go for dinner for our 1 year anniversary (in just a few weeks! :D)

Felt a bit guilty at first but it’s a complete bargain and it’s SO cute. YAY. No one needs to know about the other money I spent that day…

I’m also getting really excited for Christmas that-day-in-December-which-I’m-not-going-to-say-because-it’s-still-too-early-to-be-talking-about-it (despite the fact Poundland have stuff up right next to the Halloween stuff). Every time I come home at this time of the year it feels so Christmasy and nice…the trees are all bare and brown, it’s icy cold so you can wear boots and gloves everywhere and the house is sooo cosy when the heating comes on and it’s dark outside by 6pm. I love it. Nothing can beat it.

For the next two days I plan to do nothing…work a little on my script for uni and take full advantage of the internet. Then another six hour bus journey back to the flat on Thursday…

I’m really going to try and keep posting more regularly again…I miss getting emails with new comments/followers/likes!!


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