Wow. What a film.

The boyfriend and I couldn’t decide between Looper or Taken 2. We ended up choosing Looper and arrived to a pretty much empty cinema to watch what I thought was going to be the most confusing film of the year (I have a bad habit of never being able to understand what’s going on the film and have to constantly ask whoever I’m with what the hell is going on).

At first I was very confused. Some guy randomly shooting people with bags on their heads, something to do with time-travelling and some dude who is obviously bad news called the Rainman. It was only when Joseph Gordon Levitt (♥) started explaining what was going on that I began to understand it. And my god was it an epic film. I hid from the screen, I cried, I laughed, I thought “Oh man, JGL is one attractive man, despite the fact his nose is really big in this film”.

I’m not really going to discuss the film as I’ll probably give everything away. But you need to go and see it. Even if you’re a person who hates sci-fi films, you need to go and see it.



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