we finally have internet!


But we DO know when we will have internet (although we thought that every time someone told us something new in the past two months…this time I’m just really hoping nothing can get any worse/no more wires can be ripped out our walls by the maHOOSIVE tree outside our kitchen window).

Apparently said tree knocked over the pole, ripping the cable out of the wall that provides all the internetty-signally stuff…a BT engineer came and fixed the pole but came to the decision that it was “too big a job” for them to fix and they wouldn’t do it, regardless on which company we were with (BT included)…umm, hang on – isn’t that…kind of…YOUR JOB!?

So just as we thought we were going to be the first students to survive a whole year relying on BT Openzone’s dodgy signal – a very nice man from BT told us an engineer will pop along on the 19th of November (YAY, A WHOLE NEW MONTH TO WAIT) to fix the cable and therefore fix everything else that’s wrong with the internet in this bloody flat.

And luckily we don’t have to pay the £130 set up fee…

Although I’m not actually getting my hopes up for any of this considering nothing positive has ever happened before.

We might also have an actual working oven within the next few days, seeing as the Landlord decided to start replying to our texts and find out the measurements of the oven three weeks after we asked him too…YAY FOR HOT FOOD.

In other news I’m now the worlds expert on Classical and Operant conditioning thanks to todays serious motivation for this Psychology essay I’ve previously done no work on…Neutral Stimuli and Unconditioned Responses – come at me!!


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