I’ve moved!

Blogs, not houses!

I don’t have many followers on here, and it became a bit of a mis-match of nothing much…Wordpress is also very limiting to how you can personalise it (I’m sure it’s possible, but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, and I’ve spoken to a few people who said Blogger is much more versatile when it comes to personalising it!)

So I’ve made the move to Blogger.

Click here to see my new blog

I’ve saved all the posts from here in some funky looking file that I can transfer across, but I think, I might just start again…so if you want to, follow me on there and I’ll follow you back from my new address! Hopefully it’ll take off a bit more now so fingers crossed for a successful blog!

Thank you for all those who have viewed, commented, liked and subscribed to me, I really hope you follow me over! 🙂 


This Last Year

I’m really happy about how far I’ve come.

This blog started off about a year ago now, and was based on an idea from my boyfriend, about writing a blog on all the restaurants we went to. We’re both very lucky to have had the opportunity to have jobs to earn us money before coming to uni, and have very generous families that help us through student life. This means we do have extra cash to be able to spend on going out together for meals, that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford (although, I’ll admit, it is him that usually pays…).

The blog started like that, but quickly moved into a general observation of my life…about anything I could think of writing about or sharing with the world. I go through stages of not blogging at all, stages of blogging every day, days where I post six times, and days where I can’t think of anything to post at all. Sometimes I feel like I should post more religiously, but to be honest, it’s something I do for fun, and I’m not going to feel under pressure to post all the time.

I only have eighteen followers, and most of the time I don’t get any kind of feedback but that’s okay. My blog looks boring, and I haven’t even started to master personalising it like some other people have done with their blogs. One day I’ll find the time to learn how to do it all pretty, with HTML and what-not and all the confusing computer-speak.

My boyfriend and I have now also been together a year and have come so far. We’ve been through our first Summer apart (which was AWFUL – although he doesn’t agree considering he was travelling for most of it) and we’ve had to deal with adjusting to living apart this year (for any new readers, we were lucky enough to meet each other in Halls of Residence which meant we lived together for our first year of uni…I remember the positives, he of course, remembers the negatives…I think it’ll be a while before he allows me back into his space!). We’ve gone through some really tough times and we’ve argued a lot, but the main thing is, we’re still together and hopefully will be for a long time to come.

So here’s to another year of blogging, where I’ll hopefully find some new things to talk about, blog a bit more regularly and make my blog look a bit more personal to me…in the mean time, I’ll leave you with a few links to blogs I’ve discovered recently that you should definitely go and check out!

I wouldn’t normally post kissy pictures, but it removes the chance of Pete getting annoyed I put his photo up!




(One I’ve mentioned before) Sally’s Baking Addiction


People who…

Have no aspirations in life annoy me…

I know it’s none of my business, and personally, I really don’t care what they end up doing or not doing with their lives. But it’s when their attitudes and behaviour start affecting everyone else around them that it starts to annoy me…

I mean, people who don’t care about where they’re going to end up, or have no motivation to succeed in what they do tend to have a lazy attitude about everything else. Most are ignorant and selfish, and don’t open their eyes to the world around them…

Which leads me to be annoyed about people who are ignorant and selfish in general…I’m really glad of the University experience I’ve had so far, because it’s made me into a better person. When I lived at home, I wouldn’t understand when my mum got angry at me for not  doing the most mundane tasks, for example, taking the kitchen bin out and replacing the bin bag, or putting my dirty plates in the dishwasher, or replacing the toilet roll when it runs out so the next person doesn’t have to run to get it with their trousers round their ankles (it usually ended up being me, and I still never learned). 

A year and a half on, and I find myself being my mother…I’m the one getting annoyed with the toilet roll not being replaced – I mean, how hard is it…use the toilet roll…replace it…surely? Or noticing the bathroom is really dirty, covered in dust everywhere and just needs a quick wipe down…am I the only one that cares it’s disgusting? Or having the kitchen bins over-flowing with stinky, week-old food…does nobody else care that there’s weird little worms eating everything that falls out of the bin? Euch.

So to my mum, if she ever reads this, I’m sorry I caused you so much frustration when I lived at home for eighteen years…I know what you mean, and I’ll make sure you always have toilet roll!

My Favourite 5 Songs of The Month

1. Alas, I Cannot Swim – Laura Marling…it reminds me of a childhood rhyme, one that I can imagine my mum singing with me when I was younger “there’s aaaa…boy across the river…”

2. Ho Hey – The Lumineers…Ho! Hey! Ho! Hey! I belong with you, you belong with me in my sweet aarrrrmsss!

3. Submarines – The Lumineers…absolutely love the piano section on this song, it makes me feel so happy 🙂

4. Bruises – Chairlift…it was on an advert (can’t remember which) and it’s such a catchy little song

5. Live While We’re Young – One Direction (because everyone needs some cheese in their life).

What are your current favourite songs??

Recently, People Are Annoying Me

Lecturers who don’t see it necessary to reply to your email about the essay that’s due in two days.

Groups of people that walk down the street in one long line at about 0.0000000001 miles per hour, and don’t seem to realize that there WILL be people trying to get past them.

Single people that walk down the street at 0.000000001 miles per hour and seem to walk in front of you no matter which way you try and walk around them.

People who stop you in the street to ask for a donation to a charity.

People who stick a ripped-off Starbucks cup under your nose as you walk by, asking for spare change.

People who are noisy at inappropriate times (when everyone else is trying to sleep)


Awkward people (although I am one, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite!)

People who expect you to do something, when really, they have no right to expect that of you.

People who judge what you do, without really knowing why you do it.

People who think they’re right.

People who think you’re wrong…all. the. time.

People who think they’re the bees-knees…sure, you’re nice and all, but really?

People who set off fireworks when it isn’t Bonfire Night. WE GET IT.

People who don’t do their job right – isn’t it your job to come and fix our internet, Mr Internet Guy?

People who take five hours to reply to a text…really?

People who WON’T SHUT UP. Seriously! Inside voices!

Grumpy bus drivers.

People who come and pick up the old kegs from the pub downstairs at 9am on a Monday morning. Is it really necessary to THROW them into the van!?

People who take you for granted.

People who expect you to do everything for them.

People who don’t do anything themselves.

People who don’t try and learn to do things themselves…

It’s our Anniversary!

Woohoo! We’ve made it one year! Although it feels like a lot longer, and it’s gone so fast! We had a really lovely day…for some reason I was very unorganised about presents (not like me at all!) and one nearly didn’t come in time, but it did:

He loved it! He woke up super early and went to buy croissants and orange juice and flowers for breakfast and brought it to be in bed – great, but I told him after I wasn’t expecting him to get up early for it! He seemed pretty annoyed he didn’t get his lie in! :p

He took a hint I gave him a few weeks ago and bought me lots of smellies from Lush (they all smell like a sweet shop!) which I can’t wait to use, and made the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest (really cheesy) card for me…lots of photos with us and wrote really sweet things inside – and then wrote ‘to be continued…’ on the back…what a softy!

In the evening we went for dinner at Jamie’s (Oliver) Italian in Glasgow…well known for being a bit expensive, so it was a nice treat…I wore this bargain that I picked up a month ago in the Oasis sale:

Which was a complete steal at £15 reduced from £55! I would have taken photos of the food but I was a bit tipsy by that stage! Then we stole napkins (shh!) as a reminder of the day 🙂

Then I took him for a drink in Browns cocktail bar because I felt guilty for him spending so much on the day…:D Next week I’m taking him to La Tasca as a (very) late Birthday treat with my Tastecard (if you don’t have one and go to restaurants lots – GET ONE. You get a one month free trial and you get a card to use in LOADS of really popular restaurants for either 241 or 50% off…a years membership is under £40 I think, but I probably wouldn’t do that…we don’t eat out thaaat much!)