Recently, People Are Annoying Me

Lecturers who don’t see it necessary to reply to your email about the essay that’s due in two days.

Groups of people that walk down the street in one long line at about 0.0000000001 miles per hour, and don’t seem to realize that there WILL be people trying to get past them.

Single people that walk down the street at 0.000000001 miles per hour and seem to walk in front of you no matter which way you try and walk around them.

People who stop you in the street to ask for a donation to a charity.

People who stick a ripped-off Starbucks cup under your nose as you walk by, asking for spare change.

People who are noisy at inappropriate times (when everyone else is trying to sleep)


Awkward people (although I am one, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite!)

People who expect you to do something, when really, they have no right to expect that of you.

People who judge what you do, without really knowing why you do it.

People who think they’re right.

People who think you’re wrong…all. the. time.

People who think they’re the bees-knees…sure, you’re nice and all, but really?

People who set off fireworks when it isn’t Bonfire Night. WE GET IT.

People who don’t do their job right – isn’t it your job to come and fix our internet, Mr Internet Guy?

People who take five hours to reply to a text…really?

People who WON’T SHUT UP. Seriously! Inside voices!

Grumpy bus drivers.

People who come and pick up the old kegs from the pub downstairs at 9am on a Monday morning. Is it really necessary to THROW them into the van!?

People who take you for granted.

People who expect you to do everything for them.

People who don’t do anything themselves.

People who don’t try and learn to do things themselves…


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