People who…

Have no aspirations in life annoy me…

I know it’s none of my business, and personally, I really don’t care what they end up doing or not doing with their lives. But it’s when their attitudes and behaviour start affecting everyone else around them that it starts to annoy me…

I mean, people who don’t care about where they’re going to end up, or have no motivation to succeed in what they do tend to have a lazy attitude about everything else. Most are ignorant and selfish, and don’t open their eyes to the world around them…

Which leads me to be annoyed about people who are ignorant and selfish in general…I’m really glad of the University experience I’ve had so far, because it’s made me into a better person. When I lived at home, I wouldn’t understand when my mum got angry at me for not  doing the most mundane tasks, for example, taking the kitchen bin out and replacing the bin bag, or putting my dirty plates in the dishwasher, or replacing the toilet roll when it runs out so the next person doesn’t have to run to get it with their trousers round their ankles (it usually ended up being me, and I still never learned). 

A year and a half on, and I find myself being my mother…I’m the one getting annoyed with the toilet roll not being replaced – I mean, how hard is it…use the toilet roll…replace it…surely? Or noticing the bathroom is really dirty, covered in dust everywhere and just needs a quick wipe down…am I the only one that cares it’s disgusting? Or having the kitchen bins over-flowing with stinky, week-old food…does nobody else care that there’s weird little worms eating everything that falls out of the bin? Euch.

So to my mum, if she ever reads this, I’m sorry I caused you so much frustration when I lived at home for eighteen years…I know what you mean, and I’ll make sure you always have toilet roll!


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