I’ve moved!

Blogs, not houses!

I don’t have many followers on here, and it became a bit of a mis-match of nothing much…Wordpress is also very limiting to how you can personalise it (I’m sure it’s possible, but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, and I’ve spoken to a few people who said Blogger is much more versatile when it comes to personalising it!)

So I’ve made the move to Blogger.

Click here to see my new blog

I’ve saved all the posts from here in some funky looking file that I can transfer across, but I think, I might just start again…so if you want to, follow me on there and I’ll follow you back from my new address! Hopefully it’ll take off a bit more now so fingers crossed for a successful blog!

Thank you for all those who have viewed, commented, liked and subscribed to me, I really hope you follow me over! 🙂 


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