About me

I’m a second year media student studying and living in Glasgow and I’ll be twenty in May (WHAT!).

I started this blog thanks to my boyfriend who suggested I write reviews on the places we visited on dates (we were actually having a meal on one of the hottest days of the year, sat outside a restaurant after having a picnic in the park with some of my friends…it was a good day). It started off like that, but due to funds only allowing us to date every month or so I soon realised my blog was going to be a little limited in content…so it’s now turned into everything and anything from my life – from complaining about uni work, to complaining about people, to recipes I’ve tried, places we’ve been and anything else.

I bake a lot, knit occasionally and go running to avoid the feelings of guilt I get from eating all the stuff I bake…and other than attending uni the rare times I actually have classes, that’s about it in my life…so if you want to read (usually boring) snippets from my life, you’ve come to the right place.


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