apology and carrot cake

I feel so bad that I haven’t posted on here properly in ages…but the truth is, I haven’t really been doing anything that’s remotely interesting to blog about…I’ve been working, doing a bit of running and counting down the days to seeing Pete (tomorrow!). Luckily though, I’m heading back to uni two weeks on Saturday so will have plenty of time to blog and will be doing lots to blog about!

For today though, I thought I’d share a recipe for carrot cake that I’m currently making to give to Pete’s family as a ‘thanks for having me’. I got the recipe from the BBC website which is great for every single thing you can think of making. The recipe calls for oil, instead of butter which I’m hoping will give it a much lighter taste than if I’d used butter…some of the reviews said the cake was too greasy, but I think it might be okay!

I was thinking about making a butter icing instead of the usual cream cheese icing however I thought that a lot of people probably wouldn’t enjoy a butter icing with carrot cake, so stuck to what the recipe suggested – mixing icing sugar and two tablespoons of orange juice and drizzle it over the top…

I’ve never actually made carrot cake before so I’m hoping this turns out okay. I also left out the sultanas, because again – I know some people aren’t keen on them…I didn’t want to ruin a nice present!

I think the only issue I’m going to have is with transporting it tomorrow, on seven hours of trains with three changes along the way! It might be a case of adopting the saying “it’ll still taste like cake, even if it doesn’t look like one”.