only a week till i move back to glasgow!

And it can’t come soon enough! I am so so excited and have my last shift at work on Tuesday. I’m nearly all packed and counting down the days!

This last week I’ve been away visiting Pete at his home and we also spent a few days up in Glasgow as he’s renovating his flat. We didn’t take many photos but we did loads of stuff…the weather was really great (SUN!) so we had BBQ’s and went to the beach and ate ice cream etc etc. It takes about nine hours on the train (including waiting in Glasgow for the train down south) but luckily Pete was able to pick me up from one of the earlier stops which saved a little bit of time. We ate out at a really cute little Italian restaurant in his town called Aroma with his mum and sister, then went to a pub quiz after (which we didn’t lose!). I love the area he lives in…it’s very close to the borders and England so all the villages remind me of the quaint little English villages I was brought up with:

The next day we took the car out to Cream of Galloway – where they make the ice cream and have a wee outdoor adventure park and bike/walking routes. It has fantastic views out onto the sea which you can see here:

The ice cream was so yummy! Pete bought me coffee and chocolate, but he didn’t have any because he’s allergic apparently :p We then sat and had lunch on some benches and then drove a wee bit further on to a really pretty beach:


And spent a little bit of time sunbathing and had a walk round the shoreline in the sun…

Then we headed back for a BBQ…the weather lasted for the next day too and I spent it at the pub with a friend while Pete was working. The next day it rained for a bit and was a bit dull but we still decided to head out for a drive to where he went to school and visited a couple more beaches which were pleasantly abandoned due to the lack of warm weather:


On Monday we had to head up to Glasgow to do some renovations on his flat (knocking down walls and painting etc etc) which took up the rest of my visit but was still good fun. We spent the nights in my new flat across town and took the bus to his in the morning. We went to see Ted (Seth MacFarlane) which I would highly recommend as one of the most hilarious films I’ve seen in a very very long time. I was in a grumpy mood because our flat is currently not in the best state and should have had more attention given to it before this point (our lease started two months ago) so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have done. But it has the perfect balance between absolutely hilarious peeing-your-pants moments and a little bit of romance too, to suit everyone watching. We also went out for dinner one night at a local little Italian restaurant/shop/deli place near Pete’s flat that sells fresh meat/cheese/bread/wine/coffee as well as serving fantastic meals:

It was a lovely week and we were lucky to have such good weather. I’m home now for a week before moving back to Glasgow on Saturday which I am beyond excited about!



Hello Summer! BBQ Burger Recipe

Yay! The weather is amazing! Don’t think it’s set to last (it is Scotland, after all) but for three days we’ve had amazing hot weather. Sat inside with my window wide open trying to get a tan while typing this…and there’s always so much amazing food in summer…fresh fruit, salads, cocktails, BBQ’s…

So here’s a recipe for a really healthy burger that you can eat on it’s own or in a bun with salad…grill, BBQ or put it in the oven, It’ll taste great regardless!

serves: 4-6 

Costs: Fairly cheap, but as the ingredients are mainly bottles of stuff, you’d need to spend a bit to buy them all in – but then they won’t go off and you can use them for other recipes too! things like soy sauce can be bought cheaper at certain places – for example, my student halls are right next door to an authentic chinese market – everything is dirt cheap in there compared to tesco or asda.

Suitable for freezing?: Absolutely, I usually make two batches and freeze them all, then you can just defrost them as you need them!

Perfect for: Parties, BBQ’s, quick lunches/dinners

You will need:

  • 500g mince
  • 2 tablespoons of caremalised onion chutney (a little hard to find – asda is the best place and i only really like their ‘extra special’ range, but whatever is good – makes the burgers taste amazingly sweet but in a nice way…not a weird way
  • 3 teaspoons of natural yoghurt (to bind it, you won’t taste it)
  • 3 teaspoons of soy sauce
  • 3 teaspoons of worcestershire sauce

Mix everything together (make sure you remove the thin paper underneath the mince first – I once forgot and mixed it all in…didn’t tell my friends who were eating them though!)

When my mum makes them she has a small burger press with wax rings – you make a ball of the mixture and squish it down into a perfect burger (and perfect thickness) between the wax circles…I don’t have one so I just roll the mixture into equal sized balls on a greaseproof paper covered baking tray and squish them down into roughly equal thicknesses…then I freeze them like that (on the tray). Once they’re frozen I put each one in an individual sandwich bag (just to save them freezing together) and keep them until I need to use them…

Obviously depending on thickness they’ll need more or less time, but just cook them until they aren’t pink on the inside…

Serve on it’s own with chips or potatos or in a bun with salad leaves and tomatos…perfect for a warm summers evening!

Ate this for dinner last night – meant to take a photo but forgot…boo 😦 next time!