It’s our Anniversary!

Woohoo! We’ve made it one year! Although it feels like a lot longer, and it’s gone so fast! We had a really lovely day…for some reason I was very unorganised about presents (not like me at all!) and one nearly didn’t come in time, but it did:

He loved it! He woke up super early and went to buy croissants and orange juice and flowers for breakfast and brought it to be in bed – great, but I told him after I wasn’t expecting him to get up early for it! He seemed pretty annoyed he didn’t get his lie in! :p

He took a hint I gave him a few weeks ago and bought me lots of smellies from Lush (they all smell like a sweet shop!) which I can’t wait to use, and made the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest (really cheesy) card for me…lots of photos with us and wrote really sweet things inside – and then wrote ‘to be continued…’ on the back…what a softy!

In the evening we went for dinner at Jamie’s (Oliver) Italian in Glasgow…well known for being a bit expensive, so it was a nice treat…I wore this bargain that I picked up a month ago in the Oasis sale:

Which was a complete steal at £15 reduced from £55! I would have taken photos of the food but I was a bit tipsy by that stage! Then we stole napkins (shh!) as a reminder of the day 🙂

Then I took him for a drink in Browns cocktail bar because I felt guilty for him spending so much on the day…:D Next week I’m taking him to La Tasca as a (very) late Birthday treat with my Tastecard (if you don’t have one and go to restaurants lots – GET ONE. You get a one month free trial and you get a card to use in LOADS of really popular restaurants for either 241 or 50% off…a years membership is under £40 I think, but I probably wouldn’t do that…we don’t eat out thaaat much!)


only a week till i move back to glasgow!

And it can’t come soon enough! I am so so excited and have my last shift at work on Tuesday. I’m nearly all packed and counting down the days!

This last week I’ve been away visiting Pete at his home and we also spent a few days up in Glasgow as he’s renovating his flat. We didn’t take many photos but we did loads of stuff…the weather was really great (SUN!) so we had BBQ’s and went to the beach and ate ice cream etc etc. It takes about nine hours on the train (including waiting in Glasgow for the train down south) but luckily Pete was able to pick me up from one of the earlier stops which saved a little bit of time. We ate out at a really cute little Italian restaurant in his town called Aroma with his mum and sister, then went to a pub quiz after (which we didn’t lose!). I love the area he lives in…it’s very close to the borders and England so all the villages remind me of the quaint little English villages I was brought up with:

The next day we took the car out to Cream of Galloway – where they make the ice cream and have a wee outdoor adventure park and bike/walking routes. It has fantastic views out onto the sea which you can see here:

The ice cream was so yummy! Pete bought me coffee and chocolate, but he didn’t have any because he’s allergic apparently :p We then sat and had lunch on some benches and then drove a wee bit further on to a really pretty beach:


And spent a little bit of time sunbathing and had a walk round the shoreline in the sun…

Then we headed back for a BBQ…the weather lasted for the next day too and I spent it at the pub with a friend while Pete was working. The next day it rained for a bit and was a bit dull but we still decided to head out for a drive to where he went to school and visited a couple more beaches which were pleasantly abandoned due to the lack of warm weather:


On Monday we had to head up to Glasgow to do some renovations on his flat (knocking down walls and painting etc etc) which took up the rest of my visit but was still good fun. We spent the nights in my new flat across town and took the bus to his in the morning. We went to see Ted (Seth MacFarlane) which I would highly recommend as one of the most hilarious films I’ve seen in a very very long time. I was in a grumpy mood because our flat is currently not in the best state and should have had more attention given to it before this point (our lease started two months ago) so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have done. But it has the perfect balance between absolutely hilarious peeing-your-pants moments and a little bit of romance too, to suit everyone watching. We also went out for dinner one night at a local little Italian restaurant/shop/deli place near Pete’s flat that sells fresh meat/cheese/bread/wine/coffee as well as serving fantastic meals:

It was a lovely week and we were lucky to have such good weather. I’m home now for a week before moving back to Glasgow on Saturday which I am beyond excited about!



Who knew doughballs and nutella could be such an amazing dish!?

I didn’t!

Pete and I went to Pizza Express tonight with a 25% discount voucher (if you’re in the UK head to their website and print off the voucher!) and it was aaaamazing…yumyumyum…

I’m currently in a bit of a food-induced coma so I’m not going to list what we had…BUT DOUGHBALLS AND NUTELLA!

Possibly the best thing to ever be invented ever…I think I must have been the last person to try it, but if you haven’t already, you have to…just go…don’t eat anything else, just order doughballs and nutella (note – the sharing platter was removed from their menu last week apparently as it wasn’t as popular…they still have ‘mini platters’ with coffee  too, but if you just ask for a sharing platter they’ll make it…they seem pretty good about just making something even if it isn’t on the menu!)

Obviously every restaurant is different, but we went to the one on Queen Street in Glasgow…Not sure what the building used to be but it seemed like an old tenement building with an interesting roof over the cooking area (reminded me of a church)…was a really nice size, a nice mix of traditional and modern styles and had a generally nice atmosphere to it…as much as I loved ASK Italian, I think the restaurant (Killermont Street, Glasgow) is a bit TOO modern…a bit too much like an IKEA showroom…the roof is too high and it’s too white…it sounds silly, but it’s not a ‘comfy’ atmosphere…Pizza Express is!

And when it comes down to it really, ASK doesn’t serve doughballs and nutella…


….but it isn’t working, so you’re just going to have to go and try them yourself 🙂

Sloans Market Glasgow

So yesterday Pete and I (now pretty much alone in the flat after everyone moved out) decided to go to the Sloans Market in Glasgow…I assumed it was going to be pretty big, but it turned out to just be about ten-fifteen stalls in an alleyway between Buchanan Street and Argyle Street. It doesn’t sound much, but it’s actually really cute – it’s based around Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant (1797) which seems really out of place in the middle of the main shopping streets of Glasgow…it’s a really traditional building (reminds me of old villages in England – really quaint and full of history)…

image courtesy of google images

Every Tuesday they hold ‘Mac and a Movie’ where you can watch a classic movie (I saw Citizen Kane and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off advertised) and eat macaroni cheese for just £9.95 for two people…seems like a pretty good deal to me and it’s certainly much different to going to cineworld and paying that for one ticket alone…

I was hoping  to pick up some unusual little gifts but to be honest, there wasn’t much other than a few ‘novelty jewellery’ stands and a couple of soap/cake/sweet stands…there was however a little crepe stall (‘Wee Brittany’) run by a French guy who offered crepes from £1.50 (just sugar) to £3 for the ‘crepe of the day’, which was strawberries and whipped cream. Pete and I had a sugar one each and they were amazing!! He sold little jars of home made caramel too and Pete bought one…yum!

I was expecting something a little bigger that would perhaps keep us  busy for a little longer than ten minutes, but after living here for seven months, I thought we had better  check it out! If you’re in the area, I’d recommend it – you could even get a drink in the Sloans bar and sit outside (if the weather is nice enough!)