Sloans Market Glasgow

So yesterday Pete and I (now pretty much alone in the flat after everyone moved out) decided to go to the Sloans Market in Glasgow…I assumed it was going to be pretty big, but it turned out to just be about ten-fifteen stalls in an alleyway between Buchanan Street and Argyle Street. It doesn’t sound much, but it’s actually really cute – it’s based around Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant (1797) which seems really out of place in the middle of the main shopping streets of Glasgow…it’s a really traditional building (reminds me of old villages in England – really quaint and full of history)…

image courtesy of google images

Every Tuesday they hold ‘Mac and a Movie’ where you can watch a classic movie (I saw Citizen Kane and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off advertised) and eat macaroni cheese for just £9.95 for two people…seems like a pretty good deal to me and it’s certainly much different to going to cineworld and paying that for one ticket alone…

I was hoping  to pick up some unusual little gifts but to be honest, there wasn’t much other than a few ‘novelty jewellery’ stands and a couple of soap/cake/sweet stands…there was however a little crepe stall (‘Wee Brittany’) run by a French guy who offered crepes from £1.50 (just sugar) to £3 for the ‘crepe of the day’, which was strawberries and whipped cream. Pete and I had a sugar one each and they were amazing!! He sold little jars of home made caramel too and Pete bought one…yum!

I was expecting something a little bigger that would perhaps keep us  busy for a little longer than ten minutes, but after living here for seven months, I thought we had better  check it out! If you’re in the area, I’d recommend it – you could even get a drink in the Sloans bar and sit outside (if the weather is nice enough!)


April Date and Oreo Cakes

Feel so bad that I haven’t posted in so long, but it’s been a hectic week! Now university is over for summer everyone is starting to head home…Helen is leaving tomorrow, and two other flatmates have already left…i’m staying until later in May though…Started packing yesterday and I’m suddenly realising how much stuff I’ve accumulated over this last year!

Yesterday Pete and I went on our April date…we went back to Xscape (where we had our first official date) which is an indoor activity centre – mini golfing, laser tag, bowling, skiing/snowboarding, arcade games, imax etc and LOADS of restaurants! Last time we went mini golfing – this time we went bowling and got three games for £6.99 each…

I even managed to win the second game!!

Then we played arcade games for a bit – air hockey, mario racing and some shooting game…and had dinner at Frankie and Benny’s (same as last time)…I meant to get photos of the food but forgot! 😦 I had a chicken carbonara pasta bake (delicious!) and Pete had bolognese gnocci…then cinammon waffles with chocolate sauce and pancakes with ice cream and caramel sauce for pudding…yum!!

Today was Helen’s last day so we decided to have a last ‘baking day’ (it was my attempt at using up all the ingredients in the cupboard…ended up just buying more stuff!) so we made oreo cakes 🙂

Oreo Cakes 

For this I use a really simple sponge mix which I use ALL the time for fairy cakes etc…I was going to make them all chocolatey with chocolate icing too, but cocoa powder is too expensive…

Costs: Cheap! Very simple ingredients that you’ll probably have in your cupboards/fridge anyway 🙂

Perfect for: Kids parties, adult parties, parties, eating alone, eating with friends, picnics, eating with family, looking at, sharing, giving as a gift

You will need (this makes about twelve little fairy cakes or one half of a full sponge cake – double the mixture for a whole cake/more fairy cakes or half for a small batch of fairy cakes):

4oz self raising flour

4oz sugar

4oz butter (margarine works the same)

2 eggs

vanilla essence (if you can be bothered/have it already – since being at uni I haven’t bothered)

For alternatives:

(For this recipe) 4 oreos

Cocoa powder for chocolate cakes


Chocolate chips

ANYTHING tastes good

Cream the margarine/butter and sugar together, add the flour and eggs (sometimes I just put everything together and mix it, sometimes I take my time and cream everything properly and sieve the flour – so long as you mix it well I’ve never really tasted the difference). Add a little milk if it isn’t creamy enough. Crush the four oreos into the mixture.

Spoon into cake cases (I use silicone ones because I don’t have a baking tray with the holes for cake cases – it saves the mixture melting and spilling over the paper cases) and bake for 20 minutes on 200 degrees celcius…

To be honest they don’t look that great here (I’ve popped them out the silicone cases already so they cool faster), and you can’t see the oreos but don’t worry, once they’re iced they’ll look AMAZING.

For the icing you’ll need margarine/butter and icing sugar (margarine doesn’t have as good a taste as butter does when it comes to icing, but it’s cheap and no one really cares) and some more oreos…you can add food colouring/cocoa powder if you want…

Once the cakes are cooled (they need to be completely cold otherwise the icing will just melt and ruin it all!) you can start to decorate them! 🙂 Mix the icing so it’s creamy and not too runny…spoon the icing on and spread it with the back of the spoon around the cake…don’t use too much (too sickly) but use enough that it looks thick and delicious…crush half an oreo over the top…put the cakes in the fridge so the icing sets a little…then serve 🙂

This is the first time I’ve used oreos etc in fairy cakes – usually I use little decorations like hearts or stars or glitter…but this was a nice change!! Yum 🙂

I’ll miss you Helen!

Tuna Pasta Bake and 3 Things

Sunday 15th April

  1. Had the most productive day in about six months
  2. Made fifteens
  3. Got loads of work done

Monday 16th April

  1. Pete made dinner – tuna pasta bake (to follow)
  2. Was in a good mood all day
  3. Watched ‘click’ (despite it being sad at the end)

Tuesday 17th April

  1. Handed in my second last piece of coursework for first year!
  2. Got free sweets at uni
  3. Turned Pete’s bed upside down and created the ‘leaning tower of kelso’ on top of it…

Tuna Pasta Bake

I suggested to Pete that we had one night a week where we cooked dinner for each other…so he agreed to cook tuna pasta bake on Monday night and I’m doing Carbonara on Friday.

The few times I’ve made tuna pasta bake I don’t even know if I used sauce…I think I might have just mixed the pasta and tuna and cheese together…but Pete had a jar of pasta bake sauce so we decided to use that…I can’t remember the exact quantities either but I don’t suppose it matters!

Costs: Sometimes tuna is a bit expensive but it’s essentially a really cheap dish 🙂

Perfect for: Cooking for someone else

You will need: 

A tin/two tins (depending how tuna-ry you want it) of tuna

Dried pasta (I always measure one portion per mug of pasta)

Some kind of pasta sauce, it can be anything you want…just jarred stuff…

Cheese to put over the top before baking

For this dish (so long as you are using sauce and not just cooking it dry) you don’t need to cook the pasta first because the sauce will make it moist as it cooks…

You pretty much just need to mix everything together in an oven proof dish…dried pasta, tuna and the sauce (the jar of sauce we used said to mix the sauce in and then fill the empty jar with water and pour that in too and mix it…so you probably DO need to do that with any jar of sauce you use otherwise I don’t think the pasta will cook properly as there won’t be enough moisture for it…

Once it’s all mixed you need to put it in the oven for about 25 minutes on about 200 degrees Celsius…check it at this time and add some cheese over the top so it goes nice and crispy…then give it another twenty minutes in the oven…let it sit for five minutes before eating and then serve 🙂

Most Productive Day Ever!

I’ve done so much today – and I feel amazing!

  • Put stuff on ebay – free insert fees and I could do with the extra cash…
  • Did my washing, and tumble drying
  • Started packing stuff away for going home
  • Sorted out my kitchen stuff
  • Got books from the library
  • Went to town
  • Made fifteens (to follow)
  • Work for portfolio


Fifteens –

So this is a recipe Pete told me about which his mum makes…felt bad making it because I thought it was a recipe she made up – turns out it’s really popular and even Nigella has a recipe on her website…and it’s SO easy to make.

Costs: Maybe a bit expensive for a student but not too bad…the cherries aren’t too cheap…

Perfect for: Eating all yourself! 😉

You will need: 

A packet of digestives (roughly 30, but doesn’t need to be exact)

Marshmallows – 15 (hence the name) chopped in half

Glace Cherries – 15, chopped in half

Condensed milk – half a 400g tin

Coconut shaving powder stuff…what’s the name…?

Basically just crush the biscuits and add the marshmallows and cherries to the mixture:

Pour half the tin of the condensed milk into the mixture (you might need a little more if it’s too dry) and mix with your hands into a dough…

Line a baking tray with tin-foil and roll the mixture into a sausage shape on the foil – if it’s too dry it’s just fall apart, so put it back in the bowl if this is the case and add a little more condensed milk.

Pour a fair amount of the coconut along the long side of the sausage and roll the whole thing around in it so all the surfaces are covered…it’s messy, but it doesn’t need to be neat…mine isn’t as covered as it could be…i just had to slather it in condensed milk to try and get the coconut to stick…but it didn’t really work 😛 but you get the idea.

(I forgot to do this step so had to take it out the fridge and spread some spare condensed milk over the sausage so the coconut would stick, so for convenience, don’t forget!)

Then you need to stick it in the fridge for a few hours to harden up and become less sticky. Then you can slice it into bits and eat it 🙂

I’m Up Earlyyyyy!

First time in about six months I’m awake early (and not because of classes) AND I ACTUALLY FEEL AWAKE. 🙂

So I have a to-do list and I’m having a nice breakfast while watching ‘the voice’…


Fancy Starbucks coffee in a Starbucks mug and a warm chelsea bun…mmm…

I love this coffee…I bought it and the mug with a giftcard my mum got me (i don’t tend to buy coffees anymore so there was no point wasting it!)…when I bought the coffee I totally forgot it wasn’t instant so had to buy the cafetiere too…it’s ‘starbucks Christmas blend 2011’ and I just LOVE the packaging…


So I’ve had plenty of reasons to smile this morning!

Bored Bored Bored

Managed to be slightly productive today…more so than usual…to the point where I actually made notes on one of the pieces of work I had to do…then found a list of books to take out…now I’m on here. oops. Had a bad nights sleep so pretty tired today and getting sick of a certain few people so feeling a little stressseeeedddd…

Pete got back yesterday though (he’s been at home for a week) so it’s nice to have some company while other people are busy studying for exams etc…I was getting a bit lonely…

I made a really delicious salad last night for dinner which has been a favourite at home for a while…it’s from a recipe book by a teenager called ‘Sam Stern’ (Cooking up a Storm – it’s well worth buying, all the recipes are really easy and yummy, especially for students!)…I think it’s called ‘Salad Nicoise’ and although has a set list of ingredients I don’t usually follow it…he uses  tuna steaks (which I have in the freezer because they’re really cheap in Aldi, but I’ve used chicken breast before too!) and then some crispy lettuce (iceburg), a hard-boiled egg, some boiled new potatoes, little bits of bacon, green beans, croutons, tomatoes etc etc…pretty much anything you want. I just use the fish/meat, salad, potatoes and egg because I can’t be bothered/can’t afford anything else. I think it’s supposed to be all cold as well, but it doesn’t really matter – all I know is it’s probably the healthiest thing I know how to make and is really filling and yummy. Forgot to take a photo though – sorry!

Friday 13th April

  1. Pete came home!
  2. Watched Russell Howard’s Good News
  3. Felt quite productive after going into uni to get some work done

Saturday 14th April

  1. Had a great response to a post I put on a forum on the Cosmopolitan website
  2. Strawberries for breakfast with ‘Californication’
  3. Was quite productive and got lots of books from the library (or I will…later)